By Casie A. Smith

Riot Grrl Photography

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Wedding Photography

From 4 hours to 12 hours, prices range depending on how long and what your looking to get. Pre-wedding shots, wedding ceremony, portraits, and reception. As well as pre-wedding portraits for announcements and such are available at a package rate.

Senior/Graduation Photographs

2 hour outdoor session of 2-3 outfits of your choosing, in a setting of your choice. I will have recommendations for places as well.

People and/or Pet Family Portraits

1-2 hour outdoor session, 1-5 subjects, in the setting of your choice. I will have recommendations as well if needed.

How Do You Do It?!

How do we keep our prices so low? Prices are kept low because we don't print the pictures for you, in about a weeks time you'll receive digital high resolution copies of your photos that you may do with as you please. Print them, post them to social media, email them to friends and family members, what have you!